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I am a Milwaukee-based creative problem solver with a penchant for leaving things in a better place than I found them. I believe any client vision is attainable with the right guidance and insight.

Analyzer. Problem solver. Designer. Good-deed Doer.

I am an analyzer and a problem solver. I ask questions, research, evaluate, then design. Repeat as needed. Just about anyone can make something look pretty – it takes skill to decipher what a client needs then create a plan with pieces that are attractive, functional, and profitable.

An effective organizer and planner, my friendly nature allows me to interact well with collaborators at all levels to ensure a successful finished product that arrives on time and on budget.

Efficiency makes me happy. With less than 20 minutes of research I reduced the most time-consuming part of my previous job to the quick task that it should have been all along. By researching software capabilities and adjusting the procedure for creating the directory portion of publications, I saved at least 250 hours per year, per designer. In an office with only two designers, 500 extra hours go a long way.

As for being a “Good-deed Doer”, I pick up trash when walking the dog and give the time, directions, or a quarter when asked (if I have them). I will discretely tell you that you have something in your teeth, even if we have just met. Maybe it’s because I am a life-long Midwesterner or maybe it’s because I have always thought that the Tin Man got the best speech from the Wizard. Either way, I’ll keep doing it, even without a heart-shaped clock testimonial.

What else? I have an affinity for cats (dogs are cool, too). I am mildly dependent on coffee. I am learning to embrace the Oxford comma. Sean Connery is my favorite James Bond. I am kind of okay at drywalling. Pepsi is NOT an acceptable substitute for Coke.

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