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about : me

A young me, showing off my equestrian skills.

I am a Milwaukee-based creative problem solver with a penchant for leaving things in a better place than I found them.

I am an analyzer. I am a problem solver. I am a designer. Just calling myself a “designer” isn’t enough. Although true that it is in my job title, it is only part of what I do – a job description – dinner party small talk. What is this thing for? What is it meant to do? Who is it doing it for? I ask questions, research, mull it over, THEN make it look pretty. Repeat as needed. Just about anyone can make something look pretty – it takes skill to make it functional and pretty at the same time.

What else? I am a life-long Midwesterner. I have an affinity for cats (dogs are cool, too). I am mildly dependency on coffee. I am learning to embrace the Oxford comma. Sean Connery is my favorite James Bond. I am kind of okay at drywalling. Pepsi is NOT an acceptable substitute for Coke.

And the “good deed doer” thing? I pick up trash when walking the dog, give the time, directions, or a quarter when asked (if I have them). I will tell you that you have something in your teeth, even if we have just met.